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Financial Programs
Our business cash advance and business loan programs are easy and simple to apply and fast to fund.We have we have several options.Below are some of our more popular options. 

When you need a customized solution we can help.  We think out of the box to customize solutions that works for your business in today's marketplace. 
Starter Advance:
A Starter Advance is a credit card advance for newly formed businesses that have been open for at least a 30 days and processing $1,000.00 in credit cards a month. Almost any type of business qualifies home based, online, sole proprietors. Poor credit or bad credit does not affect approval with these types of advances. This program is great for small to medium size businesses that need short term cash flow to start their business. Funding within 3 days of approval.
Grand Opening Cash Advance:
The Grand Opening Cash advance is for Restaurants and Retail businesses who are still under construction or have just recently opened. We can provide working capital based upon future projections, business plan and layout of the business type. Funding can takes place within days of opening.  For this program, ask about our credit card terminal programs.
Merchant Credit Card Advance:
A Merchant Cash Advance is an advance on your future credit card receivables. We purchase your credit card receivables at a discount and you pay a percentage of your daily batches.  There is no set payment. When you are busy you pay back more when you are slow you pay back less. There is no penalty. Merchant cash advances can help GROW your business!
ACH/Bank Only Cash Advance:
Business owners doing at least $10,000 a month thru their checking account can qualify for our ACH/Bank Cash Advance. ACH/Bank only cash advances work by buying a portion of your cash/check receivables at a discount. The ACH/Bank cash advance is paid back with a fixed payment from your business checking account. With this program we need at least 15 deposits a month.
Asset Based Financing:
An Asset Based Financing or Equity Lending within your current property.
Invoice Factoring:
Invoice Factoring allows a business that may have operating losses, negative retained earnings or guarantors with less than perfect credit the opportunity to access working capital. Invoice Factoring sometime called Accounts Receivable Factoring give a business immediate access to its sales revenue and essentially turns a business into a C.O.D operation. This program is ideal for businesses that are unable to obtain traditional financing due to one or more of the following:
  • Highly leveraged
  • Mature Company with Operating losses
  • Rapid Growth
  • Slow day-to-day cash flow
  • Negative Net Worth
  • Start-up
  • Weak Personal Guarantors

Private Investor Funding:
New Businesses, Existing Businesses or Entrepreneurs with a business plan fit for success, our private investors will consider your opportunity. Opportunities of $500,000 to $50 million will be considered for this program. Consideration for this option, it’s always best to have a business plan, financial projections, far credit and be prepared make some capital investment.

Get the financing you’re in need of quickly with business cash advances by filling our one page application.

Business Cash Advance Benefits

Simple and easy to apply
$5,000 - $10,000,000 Funding options
7-10 day funding for $500,000 or less
Tax deductable
No fixed monthly payment
No fixed terms
Use Funds for any purpose
Pre-Approval in 24 hours
Call 888-809-9243

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