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Small Business Funding
Small business loans are normally necessary for a small business to get the funds it needs to stay afloat, to expand or even just to start out.  The only problem is that traditional banking lenders make it difficult for these owners to get approved.  If you do not meet their strict requirements then you may not receive the immediate funding that you need in order to do business.  An alternative to small business loans is a business cash advance or merchant cash advance. 
When your business needs cash now, a small business loan will only set you back with long applications, high interest fees and lot’s or paperwork.  A cash advance is a swift process that allows you to receive the money you need in order for your business to advance.  The application takes a few minutes to fill out and you can submit online.  Within 24 hours you will receive confirmation and approval of your application.  In less than one week, your small business will have the funds that it desperately needed to propel your business forward.
Small business loans have strict requirements and may even make you put up collateral on the loan.  If your business does not have any equity, you may have to put up personal collateral such as your home or car.  To avoid this situation, a business cash advance can grant you up to $500,000 unsecured.  You will never have to worry about putting up a second mortgage on your house.  You also do not have to worry about any hidden fees.  There is a stress free repayment plan using a fixed percentage rate instead of a fixed rate so if your business slows down a bit, your payments will automatically decrease.  
Get financed quickly with merchant cash advances and quit using small business bank loans.
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